Roll Forming is the process of shaping these details with rollers. In this “Roll forming” workshop 4 There is a stage production line and more than 6 types of robots.

1.Roll forming line

2.Spot welding and bendinglinyasi

3.First stage welding

4.Second stage welding

In the roll forming line, large and small sizes of steels are shaped by rollers and directed to the second stage.

The bent products are cut by a saw on the "first stage welding" section and welded by a spot welding robot.

The Roll Forming shop for the GM model currently produces door parts for the new B-water (TRACKER) and B-car (ONIX) models.

And this process is carried out by means of floor automatic machines, the product is polished and the product is ready.

170200, Republic of Uzbekistan, Andijan region, Asaka district, Vokzal street, 1

Transport:Cars № 1, 4

Working hours: 08:00-17:00

Lunch: 12:00-13:00

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